Principal Authors

Eric Walker

Professor in Travel Medicine and Global Health (Department of General Practice and Primary Care, Glasgow University): MBE, FRCP, FRCGP, Hon DSc (Madras), Hon FFTM (RCP&S Glasgow), Diploma in Health, Religion and Science (Cambridge)

In UK: (1) Infectious Disease and Travel Medicine consultant - established TRAVAX, Fit for Travel and Travel Medicine Diploma. (2) Founder Dean Travel Medicine Faculty (RCP&S Glasg). (3) Past President BGTHA.

Overseas: Zimbabwe and then India as consultant physician with Christian Medical College Hospital, Vellore and Madras University. Principal collaborator for Indo-UK research/education programmes on hepatitis and HIV/AIDS (British Council 1997-2010)

Publications: ABC of Healthy Travel (BMJ), Diseases of Infection (OUP), Travel Medicine and Migrant Health (HB), A Doctor's Reflections on Change (RB). Many papers on Infections, Tropical Diseases and Travel Medicine.

Mike Townend

Senior Lecturer in Travel Medicine and Global Health at Glasgow University. MBChB (Hons), DTM & FFTM (RCP&S Glas), Past Chair BGTHA

In UK: GP in Cumbria with travel clinic and yellow fever vaccination centre. Contributes to travel, wilderness, expedition and mountain medicine courses. Established distance-learning TM course (University of Cumbria).

Overseas: (1) Asia, Africa, South America and doctor for Himalayan expeditions, leader of adventure holidays and other travel groups. (2) Mother/child health doctor in rural Nepal (3) International company advisor on malaria prevention for business travellers in Africa.

Publications: various books and articles on travel health services within Primary Care

Other contributors

profile photo for Becky Swadling

Becky Swadling

Independent Travel Health Nurse Specialist.

RN, DTM, AMFTM (Glasgow)

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Emley Pine

Specialist Travel Health Nurse Trainer with NOMAD Travel; Independent Travel Health Lecturer.


profile photo for George Kassianos

George Kassianos

General Practitioner and President of BGTHA; GP National Immunisation Lead UK


profile photo for Gerard Flaherty

Gerard Flaherty

Travel Medicine Physician and Professor University of Galway; Past President Travel Medicine Society of Ireland.


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Jessica Mandizha

Travel health nurse specialist; NHS clinical research nurse and travel health teacher. 


profile photo for Kali Perrow

Kali Perrow

Associate Specialist in Infectious Diseases and Medical Lead, Travel and International Health Team (Health Protection Scotland)

MBChB, MSc (International Travel Health, Sheffield); MRCP (Glasg), FFTM (RCP&S Glas)

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Katy Peters

Co-founder and Director 'London Vaccination Clinics'.

BN (Hons) DTropMed (LSH&TM) DTM & MFTM

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Larry Goodyear

Professor of Pharmacology Leicester University; Chair of British Global and Travel Health Association.

MPharm, MRoyalPharmS, PhD, FFTM, FRGS, FISTM

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Simon Collins

Manages Travel Health Clinics (Dublin).


Site design & build

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Michael Walker

Site design, development and deployment. The site is custom built using the Laravel framework and deployed via Git to Heroku.

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Michelle White

Custom graphics built in Illustrator and exported to SVG, to look great on any screen size. Freelance designer and illustrator. Creator of malaria map graphics on TRAVAX for the international travel team at Health Protection Scotland.