On completing this mini-course, students will understand why determining the reasons for and knowing the traveller's destination(s) are important

Responsible travel medicine practice is not simply a case of prescribing vaccinations, malaria tablets or other medications for a traveller according to charts giving possible risks in their destination country(s).

  • Many other factors must be considered during the consultation such as the part(s) of the countries are being visited, the duration of stay, the time of year and the traveller's likely activities, to mention just a few.__

Mini-courses 1 and 2 give an introduction to these additional factors that need to be considered for every traveller.

The reasons for travel may be:

  • a holiday abroad.

  • to visit relatives or friends

  • for backpacking often going to many countries

  • for work abroad arranged by their employer

  • on an expedition

  • for trekking

  • for educational reasons

  • for a long term placement abroad for personal reasons or for employment (expatriates)

  • for a cruise visiting many countries

  • volunteering or humanitarian aid

  • on a pilgrimage

  • for medical treatment

  • for personal or competition sport

  • for service abroad as a member of the armed forces

Continually updated country by country and regional risks are readily available on the FitForTravel, TRAVAX or TraveHealthPro websites