Terms and conditions of use

Valid from 12th August 2018
Summary of changes compared to previous version

1. We added scope to allow us to use google and facebook analytics cookies. This allows us to know a bit more about from which countries new visits to the site are coming, to help us a bit with getting the word out!

Please find full current terms below.

Material on the site is copyright

You must not copy, redistribute or republish our material in any form. Material includes our web pages, text, pictures and/or questions they contain. Form includes print outs, screenshots, emails, pdf files or any other form. The reason is that unauthorised copying could have a serious impact on our ability to derive revenue from the work we have put in and directly threaten our ability to continue to offer the service. Therefore anyone found to have copied and distributed or republished any of the material on the site will be pursued to the full extent of the law.

What information we collect

We store your email address which is how we are able to uniquely identify your account when you login. When you enter a password, this is encrypted via a one-directional algorithm before being stored in the database. This means our database does not contain the password you enter, only an encrypted version of it from which the password you enter cannot feasibly be recovered. This means if our database is ever compromised, attackers will not find in it the password you enter.

We store data indicating correct and incorrect responses to questions as you proceed through the course. This enables a report card to be generated and enables us to know when you have completed each course.

How we use the information we collect

We will never share your email address with any third party without your consent. Data on the questions you have completed, in particular whether question attempts were correct or incorrect, will be used for the purpose of improving the material. Personally identifiable data will never be shared with a third party without your consent.

Subscribing for 90 days access

A limited number of lessons may be made freely available from time to time for the purpose of allowing registered users to sample the material. For full access, a fee is payable as set out elsewhere on the site. Extensions to the 90 day subscription period may be granted in exceptional cases upon request. Other durations of subscription may exist in certain cases.


We use an external payments provider which means the form on which you submit your credit card details is securely transmitted directly to them and your card details are never known to us.


Our own software generates cookies for the purpose of identifying when you are logged in and to allow secure form transmission so that your logged in state cannot be hijacked by a third party. While we do not display any advertising on the site, we may utilise google and/or facebook analytics cookies. Using these means those companies are able to provide us with anonymised information about from which countries visits to the site are originating. This helps us to know who is interested in our site and with some basic information that's helpful to us with regard to marketing. Another third party cookie we may use from time to time is from the company "New Relic", which provides measurement of how fast our web pages are loading in your browser. That information helps us to make the site load faster for your benefit.

Emails which are part of the service we offer

A strictly limited number of emails we consider essential to the delivery of our service. These may include: a welcome email to those newly registered with information about what we offer, a welcome to new subscribers upon payment of the course fee including guidance on completing the courses and containing an optional pre-course survey, and a congratulations email upon completion of all courses including an optional post-course survey. By registering you agree to receive these if and when any of them apply to you. They can't be opted out of but are strictly limited in number.

Our Mailing list

Any other emails than those above we may or may not send from time to time constitute our mailing list. Opting in to the mailing list is optional, does not happen by default, and any email from it, if sent, will contain an unsubscribe link. We may from send out mail to this list about updates to our courses and/or occasional promotional offers. We will never share this list with anyone else and you can always easily unsubscribe via a link at the foot of every such email.

Deleting your account

If at any time you wish us to delete your account, let us know via the contact form and we will ensure all your data is deleted.

Limitation of liability

In using the site you agree that no information on the site can be taken to be definitively correct and no liability will arise on our part as a result of any error in the material.

Variation of these terms

We may wish to or need to change these terms and conditions from time to time. To do so, we will publish a new version of these terms at this location and notify you when you log in that terms have been updated and include a link to the updated terms. Your continued use of the site after being notified of updated terms will constitute your acceptance of the updated terms.